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Jilin Jitai EOD Tech Co., Ltd. is a professional supplier of anti-terrorist and internal security equipment. Our company develops and produces EOD ball, anti-explosion tanks, explosives disruptor, rod-type manipulators and other types of anti-explosion equipment for public security and armed police forces.
Among them, a number of designs such as EOD balls and recoilless explosive disrupter have obtained national patents. The JBG series of EOD balls have been listed as a promotion project by the Ministry of Public Security and passed the National Security Guard Alarm System Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center.
Testing by the Electronic Product Quality Inspection Center, China Ordnance Group Weaponry Equipment Research Institute Test Center and China Weaponry Equipment Special Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center.
Caster-type JBG750 EOD ball is used in Beijing subway, Tianjin subway, Wuhan subway, Shenzhen subway, Chongqing subway, Chengdu subway; trailer-type JBG1200 EOD ball is installed in queue by the Armed Police Department.
We believe that continuous success depends upon the ability to provide superior quality products and services with reasonable prices. We promote passion to transcend with a “can-do” spirit, commit to customer’s satisfaction.

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